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47% of businesses see manual data/inefficient processes as their biggest challenge

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2% of employees’ time is spent on repetitive tasks.  Knowledge-based workers spend 40% of their time organising/looking for data

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On average human error occurs in 10% of tasks


RPA/AI will change the way your business handles repetitive and mundane processes.  Form and transactional processes and data input will become faster and more accurate.

Are you thinking of automating some aspects of your business?  Did you know that implementing the right RPA strategies can reduce the amount of time spent manually inputting data, and will streamline your business, increasing efficiency and reducing expenditure?

Automation is changing the way we work.  Rule-based, repeatable functions such as form processing and data copying can be automated effectively and easily, freeing up your best people to concentrate on other things that bring more value to your company.  More efficient and accurate processes will benefit your customers, your profits and your stakeholders and give you more control whilst allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter.


HK Advisory is a  boutique consultancy company with RPA as one of our major services.  We design, deliver and manage RPA solutions with the help of our IT implementation partners.


By helping you choose the right and relevant solutions for your business, we can reduce your overheads and increase your capacity, accuracy and profitability.  We understand the difficulties you face and can advise on and implement an RPA system that will help your business embrace the future, and we will also help you navigate the RPA minefield and advise you as to what is important and necessary for your individual requirements.

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Which front office/back office processes we can improve? 

Business Justification

Business justification, KPI measurement & understanding of current technical framework 

Proof Of Concept

Automate a process to prove results


Build & Test automation of processes and implement

Post Implementation Support

Train in house staff, Establishing an Automation Centre of Excellence - Risk, Compliance & Governance

Is there a big Infrastructure & Licensing cost?


The Good News is it very affordable and built with the SME market in mind. We provide a multi-tenancy option i.e.

 hosting on cloud and on-premise models.


 Initially, RPA technology came at a price, and it had a significant investment requirement in infrastructure and licensing costs. But, our cloud-based solution is designed with the SME market in mind and is available in the SaaS model (Software as Service) paying monthly subscription costs only.

  1. No implementation of software into your organisations IT architecture

  2. No need to spend on IT servicing and support for RPA

  3. No need to purchase RPA software licences

  4. No need to train your colleagues in RPA software 

  5. No need to identify processes to automate

  6. No need to design or test RPA processes

  7. No need to execute your RPA processes

  8. No need to report on RPA performance

Need more convincing?

We can offer Demo & Consulting to review your process for automation suitability and as a complimentary service with no obligation to commit to buying our service.

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