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Business Functions

  • Opening up internal tools to customers or employees

  • Software Installations

  • Automated testing

Automated user testing - Common test scenarios are automated with RPA tools, and these tests are run after every version, ensuring that new bugs are not introduced to the code. Automated testing with RPA tools can facilitate testing and improve software quality and considerably reduce the manual cost of testing.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A customer rep needs to understand the customer's intent, perform the necessary actions by switching between different systems and applications and inform the customer. This has several disadvantages; customer needs to wait while the rep is busy dealing with data, sometimes asking for information that had been asked before. This reduces customer satisfaction and increases call duration. It's one of the rare examples of a company wasting its resources while creating dissatisfaction for its customers.

A dashboard can be created for common queries. Customer rep will fill the necessary data to resolve the issues and bots will use that data in several systems to complete the transaction. Such dashboards will require more effort but still are feasible to create within weeks for most common actions.

Common Scenario

Customer contact centres rely on several different systems provided by a variety of vendors.

Customer rep can launch a bot whenever several pieces of data need to be synchronised across systems. With the press of a button, the bot completes all actions in milliseconds. This is a simple RPA implementation that can be programmed within hours and create value quickly.

Getting detailed billing data. Whenever you call customer service regarding your most recent payment, you need to stay on the line for a minute or two while the customer service rep scrambles to pull your record and understand it. With an RPA bot programmed to retrieve that data, your payment data can be invoked in seconds with a single click from the rep.

 Loading a detailed customer profile customer including the previous interactions with support

Other Scenario

Resolving simple but common customer issues like resetting a broadband customer’s connection to the server

Financial planning

Financial planning involves the unexciting exercise of processing and merging financial statements from numerous departments in a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) system which can be at least partially automated.

Bank statement reconciliation

Extracting data from bank statements for reconciling records and comparing them against the company’s own records was manually done via complex spreadsheets. However, this is a process that can relatively easily be automated.

Daily P&L preparation

Large financial services companies, especially those in the trading business, track P&L and risk exposures daily. While some companies have automated these processes, there are still companies that rely on excel, legacy tools and manual effort to complete these reports. Bots can be used to automate daily P&L and cut down the processing time by two-third and increase accuracy to 100%.

Updating inventory records

Inventory management typically involves reconciliation across multiple systems as companies find it challenging to bring all inventory management features under one system. RPA bots can automate such inter-system reconciliation and communication with ease.

Issuing refunds

Process of issuing refunds is a complex process leading to significant delays and customer dissatisfaction. This is a concern because customers requesting refunds are already dissatisfied customers and making them more unhappy can lead them to share their complaints with others, hurting your company’s image.

Part of the refunds process can be automated automate, reducing manual work by 90%.


Changing business, regulatory or tax requirement

Candidate sourcing

Companies relying on legacy HR systems can use bots to automate aggregating CVs, assessment results and interview notes using bots.

Employment history verification

This process includes numerous routine steps, such as arranging interviews, maintaining records. At least 40% of manual labour can reduce through RPA automation.

Hiring& onboarding & headcount reduction

Especially for growing or shrinking firms hiring and firing brings a significant burden on HR and other support functions like IT, security, facilities management. While it is costly to build a solution that encompasses all these functions and completes the necessary tasks for new or leaving employees, RPA bots can be deployed relatively fast and effectively. Automating part of the process and measuring its progress on the RPA bot management module brings speed and transparency to the whole process.

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