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The healthcare system in the UK is faced with a growing number of patient

As patient numbers grow, healthcare providers are challenged with managing levels of inventory, supporting digitisation of patient files, optimising appointment scheduling, and executing billing and claims processing.

RPA can help to alleviate these operational pain points and deliver enhanced efficiency and growth.

There are many applications in which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help healthcare organisations increase operational efficiency, lower costs and limit the possibility of human error when processing information, including:

  • Physician credentialing 

  • Enrolment and patient eligibility

  • Patient scheduling 

  • Coding 

  • Claims administration 

  • Clinical documentation

  •  Billing and compliance 

  • Secondary claims management 

  • Accounts receivable and denial recovery 

  • Patient self-pay administration

RPA is complementary to existing systems and processes, enabling healthcare organisations to address gaps in existing processes where work is still being done manually.

More than a third of healthcare tasks—primarily managerial, back-office functions—could be automated, allowing healthcare providers to offer more direct, value-based patient care at lower costs and increased efficiency.

Benefits of RPA
  • Overcome the challenges with integrating disparate systems using robots to automatically acquire and integrate data from clinical applications, lab information systems, third party portals, insurance portals, radiology information systems, scheduling applications, ERPs and HR applications 

  • Release employees from repetitive tasks so they can apply their skills to scenarios that require a human touch

  • Eliminate drain on the budget and human resources, infusing speed, intelligence, efficiency and quality into your healthcare processes

  • Automate tasks like eligibility requests to access information for better communication to providers and patients 

  • Automate claims status requests and perform reviews of claims to deliver better revenue cycle management

  • Streamlined front-office support
  • Patients are at the forefront of the healthcare industry, and RPA allows service providers to improve the quality of their forward-facing operations. 

  • Better cost management
  • A software robot’s expense is typically one-fifth the cost of a full-time healthcare staff member. RPA can deliver up to 47% overall savings, especially in healthcare payer BPO

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