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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Any business process that can be defined and described to be outsourced is the best fit to be automated using Robotic Process Automation.

Eliminating low skilled, repetitive, the high volume of low-cost processes can help BPO providers remodel their business to a higher value skillset with more in-depth domain knowledge.

Everyday BPO tasks that a Robot can automate are
  • Data entry and validation

  • File and data manipulation

  • Automated formatting

  • Multi-format message creation

  • UI manipulation

  • Web scraping

  • Text mining

  • Uploading and exporting

  • Downloading and importing

  • Workflow acceleration

  • Currency/Exchange rate processing

  • Reconciliations

How are BPOs using RPA?
1) To offer differentiated solutions to forward-thinking clients

Agile, flexible, innovative providers are what customers are seeking out. If you're finding avenues through which you can provide them with the technology they need and want as a part of your overall services, you're more likely to obtain and retain customers and be viewed as a provider that can successfully embrace emerging trends and harness their potential to serve customers better.

2) To control costs while contributing to top-line growth

RPA software offers both outsourcers and their clients a viable way to produce economies of scale, generating revenue by focusing teams on value-added work while reducing operating costs, and growing exponentially as a result. The type of cost savings I am talking about is 25–50% according to the Institute of Robotic Process Automation.

3) To deploy smaller, more high-performing workforces
4) To give customers a "single source of truth."

Data integrity in today’s data-driven world is top-of-mind for companies everywhere. To get the information and then the business insight they need, your customers have to create information causeways between systems, and that can be a time-consuming process that’s prone to error (and potentially puts them in the hot seat with their customers). Your ability to offer an automated, plug-and-play solution to these problems will give your customers just another reason to say “yes” to your services.

Automation allows you to offer an alternative to the traditional labour arbitrage model that we’re all familiar with. Your “bot workforce” is ready to do any repetitive task around-the-clock and without error. And there are compelling reasons to adopt, like estimates that offshore FTEs cost three times more than implementing RPA.

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