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Retail includes labour intensive and constant operational and analytics activities, like launching new promotions. RPA bots can help retail companies without state of the art systems to bridge the gaps in their systems and automate their process

Product categorisation

Global retail companies need to harmonise SKU data from multiple markets to be able to look beyond numbers to insights like

“What is our toothpaste market share in Eastern Europe?”.

Traditionally these tasks required employees to match SKUs to categories in complex spreadsheets manually. RPA bots can be used to automate the process saving thousands of hours of work

Automation Solution

Automating returns can both improve customer satisfaction and reduce manual labour. RPA bots can be used to automate manual aspects of the returns process, such as checking customer purchase record from the system.

Trade promotions

Shop floor trade promotions require a significant amount of backend admin work. Key tasks include

  • creating and allocating funds for promotions

  • generating reports that give visibility of promotion performance

RPA bots can automate these tasks as they are mostly mundane back-office tasks. Bots can make it easier and faster for retailers to launch trade promotions.

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