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Are you in Financial Services Including Banks & Insurance?

  1. Does Brexit take up your time and resources?

  2. Has the burden of financial crime such as AML  increased cost and penalties?

  3. Has it been difficult to cope with the constant change in regulatory framework and causing compliance issues?

  4. Is building resilience a challenge from increase change in regulations and risk exposure?

  5. Has customer complaints increased recently?

  6. Is the current IT infrastructure causing more hindrance in serving customers?

  7. Do you want to increase  staff engagement to customer ratio?

  1. Avoid hefty penalties by having tighter regulatory compliance?

  2. Experience improvement in Risk, Fraud & Compliance reporting 

  3. Produce an automated report for regulatory authority saving time & cost

  4. Cut your data entry cost by up to 70%?

  5. Extend the life of your legacy systems and stretch your IT budget?

General compliance & Regulation

  1. Do you want to speed up your customer onboarding process?

  2. Do you spend a lot of time preparing compliance reports such as daily liquidity coverage report, delinquency report?

  3. Do you want to reconcile faster?

  1. ASSESS your current state and advise on improvement areas to reach your target.  

  2. ADVICE on business operations and process improvements using a combination of automation using RPA & lean six sigma & other operational efficiency tools.

  3. IMPLEMENT the recommended strategy with your workforce or my flexible workforce.

  4. POST IMPLEMENTATION I ensure you sustain the improvement effort.​

Specific examples of How I can help

  1. Guidance & implementation of how to automate manual, repetitive reporting requirements of upcoming and existing regulations.

  2. Help with reducing remediation effort by cutting down manual processes and freeing valuable human capital to focus on higher value-adding activities like analyse & review.

  3. During the customer onboarding process, collating data from disparate internal systems and external sources is a challenging task.  I can help with advice on automation strategy & implementation to collect and retrieve data from regulatory agencies and law enforcement agencies to speed up the onboarding process.

  4. Improved Oversight - Advice on how businesses can take control of executing their own operational processes internally to replace outsourcing and offshoring.

  5. Advisory on how to identify and implement automation to create an audit trail and make ready for compliance audits.

  • You will receive a minimum 1:10 ROI within 12 months following client engagement.
    Guaranteed at least 10% cost saving on smaller assignments.

  • I support clients to implement the recommendation.

  • We start with a proof of concept (POC) and only progress only if it is successful.

  • My fee structure is 25% fixed and 75% performance based.

  • You receive over 20 years of experience at a senior management level delivering 10 x ROI, multi-million-pound cost savings and substantial cultural transformations from FTSE100 to smaller Retailers & Manufacturers

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