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Are you a Retailer or a Manufacturer?
  1. Do your customers complain because your products or not delivered on time, damaged goods, poor customer support, or returns taking too long?

  2. Do you lose sales due to product unavailability? Can you not accurately estimate demand or current stock situation?

  3. Do you want to stay ahead of the competition by quickly analysing consumer behaviour and modifying your strategy?

  4. Are you an online retailer and losing customers due to poor customer experience?

  5. Is regulatory pressure like BREXIT causing uncertainty and decrease in sales revenue?

  1. Reduce customer complaints and Increase NPS score?

  2. Do you want to retain your customers for longer and reduce the cost of customer acquisition?

  3. Do you want your business to grow and remain immune to external regulatory pressures like BREXIT? 

  4. Do you want to increase your efficiency and simultaneously reduce your cost to serve customers?

  5. Do you want to reduce your outsourcing cost?

  6. DO you want to improve employee engagement reduce absenteeism & increase performance?

  1. ASSESS your current state and advise on improvement areas to reach your target.  

  2. ADVICE on business strategy, operations and process improvements to address the above issues and to help exploit new opportunities for growth.

  3. Not only Advice but help IMPLEMENT the recommended strategy with your workforce or my flexible workforce.

  4. POST IMPLEMENTATION We ensure you sustain the improvement effort.​

  • You will receive a minimum 1:10 ROI within 12 months following client engagement.

  • Guaranteed at least 10% cost saving on smaller assignments.

  • We support clients to implement the recommendation.

  • We start with a proof of concept (POC) and only progress only if it is successful.

  • My fee structure is 25% fixed and 75% performance-based.

  • You receive over 20 years of experience at a senior management level delivering 10 x ROI, multi-million-pound cost savings and substantial cultural transformations from FTSE100 to smaller Retailers & Manufacturers

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